Who Broke The Record For Most Touchdowns By A Tennessee Titan?

Derrick Henry

Running back Derrick Henry broke the record for most touchdowns by a player for the Tennessee Titans on October 30 2022. Henry rushed for two touchdowns in a game against the Houston Texans, bringing him to 75 touchdowns over his career with the Titans. Henry has rushed for 72 touchdowns and caught 3 touchdowns for … Read more

Who Broke The Record For Most Formula One Wins In A Season?

Max Verstappen

Red Bull racer Max Verstappen broke the record for most Formula One racing wins in a single season. Verstappen won 14 races to set the new record. Verstappen won the Mexico Grand Prix on October 30 2022, finishing 15.186 seconds ahead of Lewis Hamilton. Verstappen was racing for the Red Bull racing team. The previous … Read more

Who Broke The Record For 1,500-Meter Freestyle Swimming?

Katie Ledecky

Katie Ledecky broke the record for 1,500 meter freestyle swimming on October 29 2022. Ledecky swam the 1,500 meter freestyle swimming competition in 15 minutes 8 seconds during the Swimming World Cup 2022 tournament in Toronto, Canada. That beat the record of 15 minutes 18 seconds that was set by Sarah Wellbrock of Germany in … Read more

Who Broke The Record For Longest Open Swim In Loch Ness?

Ross Edgley

Ross Edgley broke the record for longest ever open swim in Loch Ness in September 2022. Edgley swam for 52 hours and 39 minutes, covering about 79 kilometers (49 miles). Edgley accomplished his record by swimming continuously, without touching land or a boat for over two days and nights. Temperatures during Edgley’s swim got as … Read more

Who Broke The Record For Highest Paid NFL Punter?

Jack Fox - Detroit Lions

NFL players are among the highest paid players in professional sports. The highest paid position on most NFL teams is the quarterback. It isn’t often that a special teams player like a kicker or punter makes headlines for breaking NFL records for their salary. Jack Fox of the Detroit Lions broke the record for highest … Read more